3 Reasons Why He Hasn’t Married You


Have you been wondering why that special man in your life just will NOT pop the question? Let me give you 3 reasons that may be the culprit.  🙂

1. He’s Pressured

Have you ever been to a store and didn’t want to be bothered? You only wanted to browse for a bit, but the sales associate wouldn’t leave you alone?

Well I don’t do well in those atmospheres. Ask me once , ask me twice, then … poof be gone!  If I keep being pressured to buy, I leave! See. When you see something you want you  don’t have to be convinced to get it.  If he really wants you, you don’t have to convince him to be with you.

◊Helping Note:  Dear Sis, If you have to convince him to be with you, then you’ll have to convince him to stay with you.

2. He’s Too Comfy

Ever heard the saying, “Why buy the cow when the milk is free? Well guess what….he is enjoying that free milk. He is enjoying all of the benefits OF you without formally committing TO marrying you.

So yes, that’s why he can date you for years and years without ever going to pick out a ring. He is quite comfy.

I’ve heard women say, “I’ll wait on him as long as I need to.”  That’s fine if that’s what you’d like to do. I’m definitely not trying to discourage your waiting process, but I don’t want you heartbroken if that never happens.

Helping NoteWhen a man deems you as irreplaceable, he will want to get you off the market as soon as possible as his wife!

It’s absolutely possible for a man to string you along for years with no intentions on marrying you.

My husband and I only dated for 2.5 months and after a month of dating, we were picking out rings. I’m not saying that has to be your timeline, but generally speaking, a man, especially a Christian man, won’t keep you waiting long.

Don’t fall for the okey-dokey.

3. He Doesn’t Want To

I don’t think I can be any more candid than this;

Sis, he hasn’t married you because…well he doesn’t want to.

I know you’ve met his mama, grandma, his best friends and his dog.

You’ve cooked for him and worked on yourself to make yourself better.

You’ve told all of your friends about all that he has done for you.

And guess what?

If he doesn’t want to marry you, he won’t. 

Some men honestly like the thrill of having a “forever” girlfriend, believing that it validates their “man” card.

◊Helping NoteDear Sis, when a man decides that he wants to marry you, he will move heaven and earth to wed you.

I’m telling you these three tips because I love you.

In 2017, be free from the illusion that makes you think that he will eventually marry you.

God has someone so so special for you.

The one that God has ordained for you will be a breathtaking reflection of God’s love for you. He will love the core you. He will love the depth of you. He will make you realize why it never worked with anyone else. He will be worth the wait , and he won’t make you wait long:)

This year, Do Not settle.


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Love you so much,

Amanda Ferguson

29 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why He Hasn’t Married You

  1. If this AIN’T the TRUTH!!!! I have truthfully been in all three positions before. And currently have a dear cousin going through the second. I’m blessed to be humble enough to admit that about myself. Thank you Amanda for keeping it 💯!! #lovedit

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  2. Holy spirit breathed all on this blog sis!! Wow! I pray that our hearts respond to the love in this! Not just today, but always. Blessings!

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  3. Blessings Amanda, I always enjoy reading your post. I agree 100% You have to love your self first , enjoy being with you and be whole in your soul. Once you compromise and play the wife role you have already told that man your value. I seriously don’t have time to waste with a man who does not recognize my value. it is funny recently,I had a conversation with a mature woman and I told her my focus is pursuing God, fasting, praying and getting my daily bread(the word). So God will have to literally tap me on the shoulder to get my attention when it is time lol. She and I just laughed. I think I am in a good place getting things in my life in order in the process of developing a product for service and pursing my passion. I can honestly say I am ok with the wait because you never lose doing it God’s way.

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  4. Hey Amanda, thanks for the encouragement it was greatly needed. I’ve been single for sometime and waiting on God. I will not get weary in well doing although sometimes I do feel sad because I am getting older. I am now 38. I want to ask if you and your husband would pray for me in the area of marriage. Thank you so much. Love you all!

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  5. I agree with you 100% but the other reason is they already know that he is not going to marry or that he does not want to marry but they settle due to insecurities or lack of knowledge of who they are.

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  6. This was good!!! Unfortunately it took me being in an unwed relationship for the past ten years for me to realize everything you wrote. It was like deep in my spirit I knew better but my heart refused to let him go. The relationship almost took my life, BUT GOD!!!, brought me out of it. Please keep posting these messages because sometimes women need to see, read or in my case, be reminded just how valuable we are. ❤

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  7. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom! I’ll definitely keep this in mind moving forward. No more waiting for the wrong one! No more settling for less than God’s best! God bless you Sis!! ☺☺

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  8. Hi Mrs. Ferguson, bless you and your husband. What an ontime and honest word laced with love, truth & humility. Thank you for sharing. This has definitely resonated in my spirit and has blessed me. I will continue to wait on the Lord for His best for me. Bless you

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